July 27th, 2006
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Ok, I admit it. My name is Michelle and http://fost-adopt.adoptionblogs.com I’m a waiting child photo junkie. I have my favorite sites, but usually I browse through waiting children on AdoptUSKids and make up scenarios in my head about their future lives with me.

Now, before you start to worry about my mental health, I don’t spend, like, hours or anything doing this. Just a few minutes now and again. A few minutes dreaming about another child added to our family.

Babies, Toddlers, Older children, Teenagers. They all have something to offer our family – of this, I am sure. Special needs, developmental delays, interracial, what could I, would I handle?


What about our extended family? How would they react to another child of a different race or….?

Some of the other adoption.com bloggers have successfully adopted using photo sites and the foster blogger has a nice post about his experience here.

I haven’t done it, but I continue to look – and dream. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be compelled to call on one of the children shown.

AdoptUSKids is made up of a collaboration of six different adoption organizations. I’ve taken the descriptions right from their web site.

The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids is a project of The Children’s Bureau, part of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. In October 2002, The Children’s Bureau contracted with The Adoption Exchange Association and its partners (The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids) to devise and implement a national adoptive family recruitment and retention strategy, operate the AdoptUsKids.org website, encourage and enhance adoptive family support organizations and conduct a variety of adoption research projects.

  • The Adoption Exchange Association (AEA) is the principal contractor for The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids. AEA administers and supervises the subcontractors, listed below, and their projects. The AEA staff will design a national adoptive family recruitment campaign and work to encourage and build the programs of parent support groups throughout the country.
    For more information about the AEA, visit their website, www.adoptea.org or call 410-933-5700.
  • The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) facilitates and reports on the workings of the National Adoption Advisory Board, runs an annual Partnership Summit. And conducts evaluation activities for The Collaboration. The CWLA is located in Washington, D.C.For more information about the CWLA, visit their website, www.cwla.org.

  • The Northwest Adoption Exchange (NWAE) manages, maintains, and enhances the AdoptUsKids.org website. The NWAE is located in Seattle, Washington.
    For more information about NWAE, visit their website, www.nwae.org.

  • The Adoption Exchange Education Center provides on-site training and technical assistance to The Collaboration. The program is designed to assist states, tribes, adoption exchanges and adoption agencies as they develop and implement comprehensive recruitment plans to attract and retain adoptive families. The Adoption Exchange is located in Denver, Colorado.For more information about The Adoption Exchange visit their website, www.adoptex.org.

  • The University of Texas School of Social Work and the Center for Social Work Research (CSWR) conducts adoption research for The Collaboration. These studies include: identification of the barriers to completion of the adoption process, particularly for families of color, and identification of factors effecting favorable long-term outcomes for families who adopt children with special needs. The CSWR is located in Austin, Texas.
    For more information about the University of Texas School of Social Work visit their website, www.utexas.edu/ssw.

  • Holt International Children’s Services (Holt): Holt provides publication design and production for The Collaboration. Holt will also assist with media contact and cooperation. Holt is located in Eugene, Oregon.
    For more information about Holt visit their website, www.holtintl.org.

4 Responses to “Waiting Children: AdoptUSKids.org”

  1. I’m not the only one!!!!!

    I have to wait til we’re done with our homestudy and stuff, but I look :) .

  2. Sharlene says:

    I am waiting for April to grow up and move out but I still look and pray for every little face they list.

    I would adopt again in a minute. I love family and being a mom.

    Then at 45 I think I may be getting to old for this lol.


  3. tigercindy says:

    I had to laugh when I saw this post, because I usually have two windows open when I am reading this blog… my second window was coming up with AdoptUSKids just as this post came into view!! LOL.

    (Now it is latched on to adoptamericanetwork.com — another older child/ special needs site.)

    My sweet hubby told me yesterday that we can check into what is going on with the sibling group that is listed. So maybe soon!!!


  4. I guess there are a few of us ‘photo junkies’ out there. :)

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