November 29th, 2012
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fab 5 2012Well here they are. ¬†Aren’t they glorious?

I call them the Fab Five, Team Tischler, The Triple Threat and Double Trouble, the Love Bunch and each and every one of them “sweetie.” ¬†Yes, I’m a softie.

I’m the parent who says, “Oh, she didn’t mean it,” or “He just didn’t understand [that you didn't want him to dismantle the train track you spent 5 hours assembling, etc.]. ¬†I’m the one who has to be physically restrained if someone criticizes one of my kids. ¬†Yes, I’m that Mom. ¬†I’m the mom who cries in every ARD meeting, who cries at dance recitals, and who cheers embarrassingly loud at softball games. ¬†I’m the mom who would let all 5 of my kids sleep with me if Daddy didn’t object. ¬†I’m the mom who thinks their feet don’t stink and they always look beautiful. ¬†I’m the mom who never wants her kids to leave home.


And yet . . . I have a job to do, sigh. ¬†I am trying to raise adults who will be responsible citizens, good parents and signal-bearers for their faith. ¬†I am raising kids who understand¬†prejudice¬†but ¬†themselves follow the edict, “Love your neighbor.” ¬† I am raising adults who will hold jobs, hopefully complete college, care for their kids, love their family and not suffer. I know I can’t prevent them from suffering but I am hopeful that preemptively¬†teaching them things about life, human nature, God and faith can help them suffer less. ¬†I don’t want them to do all their adult learning in the “school of hard knocks.”

So I am sometimes the mom who takes away phones or tablets, who raises my voice, who says something I have to apologize for. I hate it when I lose my cool and yet, I know, they have to learn about that, too. ¬†Bosses and teachers and lovers aren’t always fair. ¬†Life is not fair. ¬†Times are hard. ¬†People we love let us down or embarrass us. ¬†But I don’t love it when I am the one teaching those lessons.

Yet here they are, the fab five. ¬†Five people I never dreamed I could love so much. ¬†Five people I can’t imagine how I ever lived without. ¬†When people who formed their families in the usual way ask me “Was I afraid I wouldn’t love them?,” I say honestly, “Yes, of course. ¬†But I’d have had the same fear giving birth.” ¬†Five little strangers came into my home and took over my heart. ¬†They are maturing into amazing bigger people and I love them more every day. ¬†I am grateful.

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  1. antionettes says:

    Hello, just read your blog ad I wish it could be more people in the world such as youself.. Iam Antionette, a hair braider in Brevard County and IF see many different face everyday with many stories. Yours just captured my heart.

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