July 26th, 2012
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1368686_horsesI have to admit that this very hot, very dry summer has kept this farmer’s wife on her toes. I so rarely sit- even for a second. Perhaps that is an exaggeration but it is how I feel. We need a break. Yet, in the middle of winter when things are slower on the farm, I always look forward to the busyness that summer holds.

OSG has been incredibly busy as well. He (and his siblings) are the reason that I am so very active. He has been showing horses, shooting bow and reading like crazy. In between all of that, I make him work. He is very involved in 4-H and channels most of his activities through that. His archery is a 4-H led event. His horse shows are sometimes 4-H. He also shows horse on the Arabian circuit. He is learning and developing at an alarming rate. I am so excited.


It wasn’t always like that for him. He struggled with learning. He struggled with attitude. He simply struggled. So what did this momma do? I engaged him in things he could do. He did not necessarily desire to show a horse, shoot a bow or raise pigs. Yet, I knew that he need that. So I encouraged him to try. He did well- not the best in the class, not the worst. He is my middle runner. I call him (jokingly, of course) Mr. Mediocrity. I laugh as I type that because of the many examples that pop into my head of times that OSG has performed just enough to get by and no more.

Can I blame it on the fact that he was adopted at 23 months into a very transracial placement? No, I don’t think so. The blame, if there has to be any, must go directly on genetics. OSG is naturally a little more lackadaisical. Channeling that part of his personality has become my passion and I am succeeding. Will he ever be driven? No, probably not. Will he be just fine? Yes, I am certain he will. He (like all of us) will learn his strengths and weaknesses. He will work through his baggage and walk out on the other side prepared for adulthood. I look forward to the watching all of that unfold.

Until he develops, I keep him occupied. I enroll him in summer reading, 4-H and homeschool drama. I talk to him about his own development so that he can own it. I help him make proper choices. These are things I do, not because he’s adopted but because he is one of mine. It’s just how I roll.

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