Happy Adoption Day!

November 24th, 2012

fab 5 2012On November 17, we celebrated National Adoption Day.  In our home, it's the day in which we celebrate the adoption of all 5 of our children.  Some years it's a big party, this year, it was a little toned down.  It was a busy week in our household and I was on my second week of being pretty darn sick.  The kids did not care. For us, Adoption Day is also about awareness.  We celebrated through the week as I went to both The Captain's and Tinker's classes to share a book and a little chat about adoption.  This year's book was, I Wished for You.  This is a heartwarming story about Barley Bear who looks a little different from his… [more]

Mommy and Daddy Time Out

March 29th, 2012

We got a call the other day to provide respite care for a little girl in a legal risk placement.  It was actually a call to be on standby and the respite care wasn't needed after all.  It got my wheels turning.  I think most parents in legal risk situations are afraid to ask for help.  I was so impressed with these parents asking their social worker to help them! Whether a sibling group arrives when you already have children or whether those siblings are your first children, it can be daunting.  Most people do not build their family three kids at a time.  And while the children may not be infants, emotionally sometimes they are.  Right now, on an emotional level, my 2, 3 and 5 year old are at… [more]

Mismatched But Charming

December 27th, 2011
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947942_room_with_chair_and_deskI am sitting in my new office chair at my new desk. By new- I mean, new to me. It is actually an heirloom small kitchen table that I picked up at a rummage sale for $5.00 and my chair...? It was a $1.00 pick-up at a garage sale this year. Yet, they are perfect together. They came from different locations, lived different lives- if you will but when I set about decorating my bedroom they were my top choices. They match perfectly- just looking at their functionality and charm makes me happy. In a random way, this mismatched furniture that adorns my bedroom makes me think of my family. No, my children weren't found at a garage sale though I have tried to sell… [more]

Learn-as-You-Go Parenting

August 15th, 2011

Tink2,020 miles, 8 nights, 7 camp-outs, several hikes, 6 play-scapes, 2 swimming pools  and 1 hotel later, we have had our first real vacation with "the Littles."  If you want to test a kid's metal, just put him in the car for a total of 36 hours in the course of a week!  Actually, it went great. Raising former foster kids is a learn-as-you-go-process.  It is not the same as raising kids you've had from infancy.  And it is truly amazing.  I cannot believe how far these kids have come in a little over a year.  The last time most of my family met them, they were foster kids and very new to us.  Now, they are undeniably "ours." I was concerned about how… [more]

More Laundry? Oh, Goody

June 6th, 2011
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1234387_washing_dayNow that OSG is a teenager, I have noticed something. Something big and monumental. Something that would make me laugh if it didn't make me want to cry... He is going through laundry like crazy! I am not kidding (I wish I was.) When he gets up in the morning, he goes and does his chores. One of the chores includes pigs, so you know the first change. Then I have him working inside with me. Here, he doesn't get to dirty- just needs to be freshened. In the afternoon, he hires out as a lawn mower for the neighbor. When he gets home, I make him go out and do nightly chores (including the pigs.) He then changes his clothes again. Normally… [more]

This Time is for Them

May 2nd, 2011

with the JudgeWhen we adopted our first babies, it was for us.  I admit it.  At 37, I longed to become a mother.  I'd learned of my infertility at age 20, so I'd always known I would form my family  through adoption.  What I did not know was that it would take me so many years to find the kind of stable relationship into which I could bring a child.   Once in that relationship, motherhood suddenly became my priority. I have always been child centered.  As a child myself, I could not wait to turn 11, the age in my family that was officially old enough for babysitting.  When my mother had a baby that same year, I thought he was for me. … [more]

Our Adoption Experience-It Was Destiny

April 26th, 2011

kids picWe were already blessed with 3 beautiful biological daughters, and my wife and I were talking about trying again for a boy. After becoming engaged years earlier, we had talked about having a family. We also discussed what we would do if we were physically unable to have children. We both had agreed that if that happened, we would try to adopt. Since twins ran in my Wife’s side of the family, we discussed the possibility of my wife not only having another girl, but possibly twin girls! I thought for a moment, and jokingly said to my wife “possibly 6 women in the family, and me the ONLY guy! I would have to make an appointment to use the bathroom… [more]

Second Easter

April 25th, 2011

It was our second Easeggter with the "Littles." Yesterday as I sat and enjoyed Easter dinner at my Mother-in-Laws, I was struck by how far we have all come in a year. Last year, the introduction of new people at our Easter celebration sent the Littles into a tizzy. Two were withdrawn, sad-faced, clingy. The other acted out by throwing tantrums, getting into mischief and taunting her siblings. It was a tough day on all of us. Everything and everyone was new to them then. The only one of our traditions that seemed familiar to them was our post-dinner cascarones fight. It may not have been so much that they'd done it before but that the… [more]

Taking a Chance vs. Guarding Your Heart

April 18th, 2011

babies in bluebonnetsWhen we brought in our sibling group of three, at least one of our relatives was mad at us.  He was afraid we'd get our hearts broken . . . again.  "Be careful," was all he had to say. 15 years ago when we set out to adopt our first child, we had three failed attempts first.  The first time was the most heartbreaking.  But when we finally got "Pepper" and they laid that beautiful baby in my arms, all the struggle just faded away and we started raising our family.  From the first, it was obvious that she was meant to be ours. She was like each of us in so many ways;  she just "fit" us.  From then on… [more]

A Breakthrough

March 29th, 2011

guy_screaming_In November, we adopted a sibling group of three. The oldest of this group is a boy we call “The Captain” and he turned 4 years old just last Monday.  The Captain has attachment issues, likely due to the fact that the move to our home a year ago was his sixth move  He was not yet three years old. I met the attachment therapist (finally) last week -- and tomorrow the two of us go together.  She expressed concern over his impending visit with bio-mom.  I have been thinking about it ever since and finally talked to Dear Hubby about it. We now have quarterly visits so our last visit was in January.  After that visit, he was having outbursts at home and… [more]